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Trustworthy Wildlife Control In Kennesaw, GA

Trying to avoid wildlife problems can feel a little like plugging holes in a sinking ship. By the time you notice wildlife problems, it can be too late to avoid the larger consequences of an infestation. That’s why you need to take regular action to prevent and repel wildlife activity, and turning to trained experts is the best way to make sure you’re focusing on the steps that actually work. 

At BigHeart Wildlife Removal, we know how to prevent and address all kinds of wildlife problems in Georgia. Whether an infestation is already causing you problems or you want to make sure you’re protected in advance, we’ve got you covered with wildlife control in Kennesaw that’s safe, effective, and affordable. 

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Residential Wildlife Control In Kennesaw

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While we tend to think of wildlife as a group of animals that are found out in the middle of nowhere, it’s important to see these animals as those that have grown alongside communities like Kennesaw. While Kennesaw is hardly in the middle of nowhere, our community is surrounded by woodlands and wetlands, which are the natural environments for animals like squirrels, raccoons, snakes, and more. 

This is why wildlife commonly invades our yards and our homes, especially as they are drawn in by the presence of food, water, and shelter. To avoid infestations and the larger consequences they can lead to, you need professional solutions administered by trained experts. 

Here’s how we can help you at BigHeart Wildlife Removal, and why you should turn to us over the competition: 

  • Humane trapping: We prioritize safe, one-way trapping systems that don’t hurt wildlife whenever possible. We want to safely and humanely relocate them, especially with rodents like squirrels and bats. 

  • Baits: We use bait stations for pests like rodents, drawing them out of their hiding places so we can address the entire population. 

  • Exclusion and sanitation: We also install exclusion systems and will sanitize impacted areas of your property so that future wildlife problems are prevented and long-term effects are avoided. 

For home wildlife control in Kennesaw that actually works and treats your home with the respect it deserves, contact BigHeart Wildlife Removal today.

Commercial Wildlife Control In Kennesaw

Wildlife can also cause problems for local businesses, which can’t easily adapt their operations to avoid or deal with encroaching animal populations. At BigHeart Wildlife Removal, we help Kennesaw businesses quickly respond to wildlife concerns so they can get back to the money-making operations that they do best. 

Whether you own or manage a shopping center, industrial site, school, or nursing home, we’re here to help you deal with wildlife problems quickly and safely. We work with commercial clients to provide same-day services because we know you want the problem dealt with quickly before it can lead to damage to your property or your reputation. 

For commercial wildlife control in Kennesaw, turn to BigHeart Wildlife Removal right away.

Why Bats Are A Major Concern For Kennesaw Homeowners

Despite their protected status, bats can pose big risks to people and properties. Some species can spread diseases through their bites or droppings, and many varieties are attracted to nest around human structures because they provide natural nesting grounds located near food sources. 

BigHeart Wildlife Removal specializes in wildlife exclusion methods and humane trapping for bats so these cute critters can continue thriving — just not on your property. We can install attic and roof barriers that keep bats from turning your home into a nesting ground, as well as chimney caps that prevent bats from crawling or flying out of your fireplace in search of food and warmth. 

For bat removal and prevention near you, contact BigHeart Wildlife Removal today.

Tips To Deter Squirrels In Kennesaw

Some of the common types of wildlife that cause problems on human properties are actually seen as cute and harmless. But appearances can be deceiving, and squirrels are indeed capable of leading to larger issues for Kennesaw homeowners. 

Like all rodents, squirrels are capable of chewing through many home utility systems and household items, both indoors and outdoors. With front teeth that never stop growing, squirrels file their incisors by chewing on everything from tree nuts to electrical wiring and your home’s siding. They can also spread diseases like tularemia and ringworm. 

This is why you should take preventive action to keep loveable squirrels in their own habitats rather than encroaching on yours. Here are some steps you should consider:

  • Landscaping: Specifically, you should trim back tree branches that might encroach close to your home. Since squirrels live in trees, they can use these branches to get close to your windows and other possible access points. 

  • Vent exclusion: For homes with chimneys and air ducts that have exterior openings, installing vents or grates can prevent squirrels from climbing down these access points and into your home. 

  • Moisture control: Yards with bird baths, fountains, or even just simple puddles can all be more attractive to rodentss, who need fresh water to survive just like we do. 

BigHeart Wildlife Removal is here to help with all these tips and more, ensuring all kinds of wildlife never threaten your Kennesaw home. Contact us today to get started on local squirrel control.


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