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Squirrels may not be the most dangerous pest you can wind up with in your Cumming home, but they cause their fair share of headaches. It's true that they don't spread diseases like rats and bats, but they can still do some pretty serious property damage and drive you crazy at the same time. Even worse, it's not easy to get rid of squirrels on your property once they have decided to set up shop there. That's what makes squirrel control so difficult in our area. 

The biggest threat that squirrels pose to any homeowner is property damage. Squirrels are rodents, and like all rodents, squirrels have to constantly grind down their perpetually growing teeth. This means they will be chewing on and ripping apart everything they can get their teeth on in your home and yard. This behavior can cause harm as minimal as a few ripped-up lawn chair cushions or as serious as electrical or plumbing damage. 

Squirrels are also infamous for being rascally little thieves. They might steal the seed out of your bird feeder or eat all the tomatoes in your vegetable garden before you get the chance to touch them. Some brazen squirrels may even start trying to steal food from you if you're outside. The good news is you don't have to take their bad behavior lying down. 

While it's very difficult for homeowners to prevent squirrel infestations on their own, a little expert help can go a long way toward ensuring you have a squirrel-free home all year long.

Our Squirrel Control Process

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Controlling squirrels is often a little harder than controlling other rodent species because squirrels tend to want to live outside, which makes them more difficult to exclude. If they do choose to live in your home, they will usually take up residence in your attic or under gaps in your roofline. These areas are where the experts from BigHeart Wildlife Removal like to begin our inspection. 

We look for holes in soffits and gaps in the roofline, roof returns, and gable vents of your house. We also like to speak to you about when and where you are hearing squirrel activity. This can help us pinpoint the areas where squirrels are entering and living in your home, and it can also help us determine what type of squirrels you are dealing with. 

Once we determine what squirrel species are living in your home and where they are residing, we can begin the process of removing them. One of the first things we like to do to control squirrels is to use one-way traps to funnel them out of your home while preventing them from coming back inside. Cages over squirrel entrance holes will allow them to get out of your house, but once they are out, they will not be able to get back inside. 

We also exclude squirrels from your home from the ground up. Exclusion is one of the best squirrel control methods because it physically blocks their entry, which encourages them to move on. We use hardware floss to cover things like vents and gaps in your roofline, and we can also customize our metal work to fit your home's soffits and fascia.

We typically like to leave the one-way traps on your home for around a week to ensure that all squirrels are out of the house before we seal it up for good. After the week is over, we will return to your home to remove the one-way cages and finish the exclusion work. Once this is done, your squirrel infestation should be completely eradicated. However, if that is not the case, we offer a one-year warranty on our exclusion work to ensure your total satisfaction.

Trust BigHeart Wildlife Removal To Get Rid Of Squirrels On Your Property

Wildlife control for squirrels is not like wildlife control for other rodents because squirrels are not attracted to many of the same things that rodents like rats and mice are. Even if you cover your pet food and your garbage, for example, you could still wind up with squirrels because you have fruit trees or lots of acorns. 

This means you may have to take other prevention measures to keep squirrels at bay. Try things like:

  • Eliminate easy access to water sources like bird baths and pet bowls. 

  • Get rid of or cage bird feeders.

  • Remove fallen acorns. 

  • Unclog and clean gutters. 

  • Seal gaps and cracks in your exterior walls and roof.

  • Install screens on vents. 

Taking these measures can help make your home less attractive to annoying squirrels. But if they keep coming around anyway, don't hesitate to call the experts here at BigHeart Wildlife Removal. Our professionals can help ensure that your stubborn and irritating squirrel infestation stays gone for good.


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