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Mole Identification & Prevention

What are moles?

Moles are unique animals that live their lives mainly under the ground. These subterranean critters are insectivores meaning their diet is made up of grubs, earthworms, and insects. In nature, moles are helpful; they aerate the soil, control insect numbers, and act as a food source for many predators. However, they are destructive pests in our yards that must be removed to protect your lawn and gardens.

Moles are identified by their stout cylindrical bodies, small eyes and ears, and dark velvety fur. Extending from their forelimbs are large paws that they use for digging through the soil.

The best way to learn about moles and remove these garden pests is to partner with experienced wildlife control experts. Look no further for mole control near me; BigHeart Wildlife Removal is here to help you identify and remove unwanted moles from your Cumming, Georgia, property.

Are moles dangerous?

Moles are best described as problematic and destructive. Listed below are some of the many reasons why you shouldn’t share your property with moles.

  • The tunnels that moles dig under the ground damage the roots of grass and plants.
  • The raised trails of dirt and dirt mounds created by their tunneling habits are unsightly, can cause trips and falls, and can make mowing difficult.
  • When moles eat large numbers of beneficial insects, it can disrupt the delicate balance of your yard.

If there is any good news when it comes to moles, it is that they stay outside. Moles are not pests you typically have to worry about entering your home. However, they are outdoor pests whose presence can significantly affect the health and appearance of your yard.

Why do I have a mole problem?

The unfortunate truth is that the healthier your lawn, the more at risk it is to a mole problem. Moles love moist, loose soil that is easy to dig through and provides a varied diet. Lawns that are well cared for provide moles with the perfect place to tunnel and hunt their prey. Controlling and stopping moles from becoming a problem on your property is frustrating. The best way to deter mole activity is to partner with a local wildlife control expert.

Where will I find moles?

Moles are most likely to call wooded areas, fields, parks, yards, and other open grassy areas home. Therefore, properties in more rural areas are most at risk of experiencing problems with these garden pests.

Moles remain active year-round and will cause more and more damage to your yard no matter the season. They dig both shallow and deeper tunnels. The shallow tunnels are used to hunt for food and cause the raised ridges in lawns that help homeowners to identify a problem with these pests. The deeper tunnels are where moles live and raise their young.

Areas We Serve Proudly Serving Cumming, GA & the Surrounding Areas
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Why Choose BigHeart Wildlife Removal?

Expert Wildlife Control Throughout Cumming, GA & the Surrounding Communities
  • Humane Trapping & Removal Methods
    Our dedication to humane trapping and removal safeguards local wildlife with compassion while preventing repeated intrusion on your property.
  • 10+ Years of Experience
    Having been in the wildlife control business for over a decade, we have the experience and know-how to work with any problem you have at your home or business.
  • Local, Family-Owned & Operated
    We know the importance of feeling comfortable in your home and are familiar with the wildlife in our area, providing the best solution for your situation.
  • Same-Day & Emergency Services Available
    Pests can make themselves at home quickly. For your peace of mind, we offer prompt services whenever possible ensuring your home and family are protected from wildlife intrusion.

How Do I Get Rid of Moles?

Get rid of moles with the help of the experts at BigHeart Wildlife Removal. Our dedication to our customers and our mole control methods are unmatched. We are committed to removing wildlife like moles as humanely as possible. Our experienced and helpful professionals provide quality services using effective products and techniques to control mole populations. Please reach out today to learn more about mole control and our other wildlife control programs.

How Can I Prevent Moles in the Future?

Preventing problems with moles is difficult because they live, breed, and feed primarily out of our sight. Moles do not respect property lines; few barriers can keep them out of Georgia yards. They regularly create and abandon their tunnels, so knowing exactly where they are can be tricky.

One helpful prevention step is implementing a year-round wildlife control program to reduce insect activity on your property. Moles will likely choose somewhere else to call home if ample food sources are unavailable.

The best mole prevention step you can take is to learn about mole control in Cumming. Call BigHeart Wildlife Removal for more information about mole prevention and removal.

Hear From Our Happy Customers

At BigHeart Wildlife Removal, your satisfaction is our priority! See for yourself what our Customers have to say about working with us.

  • My home is secured, top to bottom!
    "James located several entry points and his team did a great job addressing gutters, drip edge, entry points, and patching holes. Traps were laid and animal removal happened within a 24-hour turnaround!"
    - David S.
  • Great job!
    "I had a raccoon that invaded a space above my garage. This service responded quickly to my call and came out to inspect. After the raccoon escaped through a vent, they set more traps. They cleaned & repaired the vent and even cleaned the raccoon's mess"
    - Linda B.
  • 10 out of 10!
    "I was thoroughly impressed with their workmanship and look forward to any future business as needed."
    - Jillian L.
  • Exceeded our expectations in every way!
    "From their exceptional communication to their thoroughness and responsiveness, we were thoroughly impressed. They expertly located and sealed all the entry points for critters, leaving us with complete peace of mind."
    - L.F.
  • Exceptional communication!
    "Mr. James was great at his job. He checked our school attic for any wildlife creatures. He gave us good recommendations on how to prevent having them in the building!"
    - Lorena V.
  • They made an unpleasant experience, pleasant to deal with.
    "After finding mice and a snake in the basement, we called James at BigHeart. He was out within 24 hours to walk the house and find potential points of entry for these unwanted guests. Would highly recommend BigHeart Wildlife Removal!"
    - Bruce B.

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