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Protecting Your Cumming Home From Wildlife

Wildlife is common in the Cumming area, but if wild animals decide to move into or around your house, they will cause serious issues for your home and family. Wildlife will damage your property, spread diseases, and can be dangerous if you come into direct contact with them and they feel threatened. In order to get rid of a wildlife problem and make sure it doesn’t come back, you need BigHeart Wildlife Removal. We have over a decade of wildlife control and removal experience. As a family-owned company run by a master carpenter, you can be certain that BigHeart Wildlife will protect your Cumming home from wildlife in a safe and effective manner.

Our Home Wildlife Service

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BigHeart Wildlife Removal offers free inspections to our customers. We’ll come to your home and look around to identify wildlife species, entry points, and more. Our inspection includes areas such as your attic and crawl space, as well as other areas where wildlife tend to harbor so that we can determine exactly where to target our services.

Once we know what and where your specific issues are, we’ll set traps to remove the wildlife that is active in and around your home. Our methods vary based on the type of animal in your house. Rats require bait, squirrels and bats are best removed with humane one-way traps, and raccoons must be treated differently due to a law that doesn’t allow us to relocate them. Regardless of the wildlife around your house, we do not use harmful products.

After our traps are set, we will come back to your house every couple of days to check the traps, remove any animals that were caught, and reset the traps. We will continue this process for as long as it takes to ensure your home is completely free of wildlife. Sometimes it takes a few days, and sometimes it can take up to a month, depending on the severity of the intrusion.

Our service also includes exclusion work to seal the entry points that the wildlife were using to get into your house. Our master carpenter will provide the quality repair work necessary to close entry points.

How Our Service Works

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We provide free inspections with our services. The inspection takes place prior to any work being done so that we can identify the type of wildlife in or around your home, determine where the wildlife spends time, and identify all entry points being used. We are thorough and inspect areas such as your attic and crawl space.

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Once we know what animals are causing problems, we can provide the services necessary to remove those animals. The methods we use vary based on the wildlife. We will set traps, put out bait stations, or use one-way doors, depending on your wildlife control needs. The products we use are safe for your family and pets.

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Once we’ve set our traps or bait stations, we’ll return to your home every couple of days to check them. If any wildlife has been caught, we will remove them and reset the traps or refill the bait. This process continues until your home is free of wildlife. We also offer exclusion services to prevent new wildlife problems.

Our Other Home Services

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In addition to removing active wildlife and providing exclusion services, we also offer a variety of other services you may need after having experienced a wildlife intrusion. These include all of the following. You can learn more about them by visiting our service pages.

Dead Animal Removal And Odor Control

If animals have died in or around your house, they need to be removed to avoid the issues that accompany decomposition. We will remove the dead animals from your property. If they were inside, we will sanitize the area and provide odor control services to get rid of any unpleasant odors that have developed.

Wildlife Exclusion Services

Whether you already have a wildlife problem or you want to avoid one, our exclusion services are a great way to ensure that wildlife doesn’t become a future issue. We will seal entry points into your house so that wildlife can’t get inside.

Wildlife Remediation Services

Our remediation services are available for homes that have dealt with a large infestation. This service includes sanitation, insulation removal, insulation replacement, structural repair (soffit and fascia), and attic restoration.

Wildlife 360°

Our Wildlife 360° program is a full-service plan designed to protect your home year-round. It includes a detailed inspection, treatments to rid your home of wildlife, exclusion services to keep wildlife out, and ongoing preventative services to keep your property wildlife-free.

Squirrel Control

If squirrels are the problem around your house, we offer squirrel-specific control services. These pests can cause a lot of issues around your house, so getting rid of them has to be a priority. We will remove your squirrel problem and make sure it doesn’t return.

Rat Control

Rats are animals that are dangerous for your health, your home, and your family. The sooner you identify and eliminate a rat problem, the better. Our rat control services are designed to target these pests, so you don’t have to worry about having them on your property or in your house.

Bat Control

Several bat species are protected in Georgia, so if they get into your house, you need a company that can safely and humanely remove them. We offer bat control services that make use of one-way doors to get the bats out of your house. We then seal any openings to prevent their return.

Frequently Asked Questions

They are! We offer warranties that vary from service to service. Our exclusion services include a one-year warranty. Our exclusion warranty can also include free snake removal. Some of our services include a yearly renewable warranty. This allows your home to remain protected in the long term. If you have a question about the warranty that goes along with a specific service, contact us!

Keeping Your Home Wildlife-Free

Finding wildlife in your house is not a fun discovery. Whether you’ve seen them running around, have heard them in your walls, or have noticed signs of their presence in your house, you know you need to get rid of them in order to avoid the many problems they cause for both your house and your family. BigHeart Wildlife Removal provides the services you need to safely and effectively remove wildlife and make sure it doesn’t come back. We deliver reliable, high-quality service at an affordable price so you can make sure your family is protected. Contact us today to request your free inspection.


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I had a raccoon that invaded a space above my garage. This service responded quickly to my call and came out to inspect. After the raccoon escaped through a vent, they set more traps and after a period of time, cleaned and repaired the vent. They also cleaned the raccoon’s mess in the attic area. Thank you for a great job!

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