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Reliable Wildlife Control In Duluth, GA

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Duluth is a suburb 22 miles northeast of Atlanta. It features the Southeastern Railway Museum and a thriving downtown with shops, restaurants, and community gatherings. The town had a population of around 2,000 in 1971 but has steadily grown to its current population of over 30,000.

The growth of Duluth over the years has taken away natural environments for many wild animals. These creatures need somewhere to live, causing them to look to local homes and businesses. They can enter buildings through small gaps or holes in your exterior, causing problems when inside. Duluth, GA, wildlife control professionals can protect you from these potentially dangerous intruders.

BigHeart Wildlife Removal provides the most effective wildlife control services in Gwinnett County. Our techs will relocate the animals on your property and help ensure they don’t return.

Residential Wildlife Control In Duluth

Wild animals are common in the woods and waterways around Duluth, but constant development removes these natural habitats. As a result, these creatures need a place to live and feed, often finding local residences. Houses provide food and water sources, attracting these pests. They invade through holes and gaps, spreading damage and illnesses once inside.

At BigHeart Wildlife Removal, our home wildlife control in Duluth, GA, begins with a free inspection to identify the animals and their entry points. We’ll place traps around your property and schedule an exclusion visit two or three days later. Our one-way traps provide humane removal by enabling animals to exit your home but not return.

We’ll check your traps during our return visit and refill the bait. The process can take up to 30 days with weekly visits. Call us to discover more about our residential wildlife control services.

Commercial Wildlife Control In Duluth

Duluth is home to various species of wildlife that invade commercial facilities for their ample food, water, and shelter. These creatures cause numerous problems when they invade buildings, from damaging products to spreading bacteria. Businesses need commercial wildlife control in Duluth, GA, to keep these animals outside and protect their staff and customers.

Our techs at BigHeart Wildlife Removal will find the animals hiding in your facility and use humane methods for their removal. We have experience assisting businesses in several industries and know how to handle infestations in your building. We can treat your interior and exterior to remove the pests and keep others from invading your structure.

We provide one-time visits and year-round treatments to protect your business. Our return visits include removing animals and refilling bait. Let us know if you’re concerned about wild animals in your Duluth facility.

All The Problems Dead Animals Can Cause Around Your Duluth Home

Wild animals invade homes for food, water, and shelter. They often hide during the day and crawl around at night, looking for necessities. However, they can get trapped in parts of your home or fail to find food, causing their demise. When their carcasses remain undiscovered, they can cause health concerns.

Since these creatures are excellent hiders, you might not realize they’re in your house. When they pass away, they can present health problems without your knowledge. Even if you notice differences in your home caused by these pests, you might not know where they’re coming from because you’re unaware of the infestation. The problems dead animals cause around Duluth homes include the following:

  • The spread of illnesses

  • Attraction of insects

  • Contamination of water

  • Foul odors

When you call BigHeart Wildlife Removal, our techs will find the animals in your house or yard. Our wildlife removal services include safely removing them and sanitizing your home. We can use a machine that eliminates bacteria, pheromones, and odors.

In addition to deceased animals, we can eliminate living creatures in your house. Let us know if you’re concerned about wild animals in your Duluth home.

How To Minimize Rodents Around Your Duluth Home

The problems rodents cause on Duluth properties depend on the species. Some burrow into your yard and eat from your garden, but mice and rats invade structures. These pests can cause extensive damage in hidden spaces and spread illnesses to residents.

Keeping rodents away from your home is the best way to avoid these problems. Rats and mice can enter through tiny entry points and hide in attics, basements, garages, and crawl spaces. 

Rodent prevention tips for your Duluth home include:

  •  Move woodpiles away from your structure.

  • Close gaps or holes in your exterior.

  • Seal your food in rodent-proof containers.

  • Remove trash from your house regularly.

When you suspect mice or rats in your Duluth home, the rodent control experts at BigHeart Wildlife Removal can help. We’ll inspect your house to find hiding spots and entry points, using traps to remove them. We’ll check these traps every other day, pulling the animals out, and continue the process until they’re gone.

Our Duluth rodent control services include a one-year warranty to ensure success. Give us a call if rodents have gotten into your home.


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