Rat Control In Cumming, GA

Eliminate Rats With BigHeart Wildlife Removal

Keeping rats out of your home is one of the most important aspects of your wildlife control plan just about everywhere in the United States, including right here in Cumming and the surrounding areas. Rats just love to take up residence around people. They use our houses for climate control and shelter. They use our food stocks to feed themselves. And they use everything from our toilets to our backyard pools as water sources. 

Rats may not be entirely dependent on humans for survival here in Georgia, but we are definitely their most convenient option. This can make rat control especially difficult. 

No matter how difficult it is, keeping rats out of your home is vital to your property and your health. Rats are a threat to both your home itself and everyone who lives in it. These rodents are destructive little devils who love to chew through just about anything they can get their sharp teeth on. This includes major components of your house, like plumbing and even live wires, which can cause leaks and electrical fires.

Then there are the diseases rats spread. Rats carry all sorts of pathogens in their droppings, their saliva, and on their bodies. They contaminate just about everything they touch, including food stores and surfaces. This means, regardless of how stubborn your rat infestation is, you have no choice but to get rid of it if you want to protect yourself.

Our Rat Control Process

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Of course, there are lots of things that you can do to try to prevent yourself from winding up with a rat problem. You can keep your garbage covered and store your pantry foods in airtight, hard plastic containers. You can avoid leaving pet foods sitting out. You can even eliminate easy water sources, such as kiddie pools and bird baths. Taking these measures can make your home less attractive to rats and mean the difference between winding up with an infestation and never having to deal with one at all.

However, preventative measures are not always effective. If you wind up with a rat infestation despite your best efforts, you will need professional rat control services to get rid of it. This is because established rat infestations are very stubborn and difficult for homeowners to deal with on their own. 

Here at BigHeart Wildlife Removal, we've got all the tools and the know-how to get rid of any rat infestation, big or small. We'll start by coming to your home and inspecting it thoroughly. This allows us to determine the size of the infestation and where the animals are entering your home. It's common for them to get in through ventilation holes, crawl space entrances, and the like.

Once we know where rats are entering and congregating, we can begin our elimination process. We typically prefer an approach that allows wildlife animals to continue living outside where they belong. However, considering the serious public health threat that rats pose, this is not a viable option for rats. For this reason, we place professional-grade snap traps around your home to eliminate your infestation.

We check the snap traps every day, pulling the rats out and resetting them until we are no longer getting any more. At the same time, we will also work to exclude rats from your home using high-quality exclusion products that rats cannot chew through or rip off. This ensures that a new infestation cannot come and take the place of the old one.

Trust BigHeart Wildlife Removal To Protect You From Rats

Here at BigHeart Wildlife Removal, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction. This is why we offer a one-year warranty on our rat exclusion work. If rats are getting into your home despite our exclusion products, we will come out to ensure that this issue is fixed as soon as possible.

If you start seeing signs of rats in your house, don't waste your time with amateur products that don't do anything but temporarily reduce the rat population around your home. Call the experts here at BigHeart Wildlife Removal. 

Remember, rats are nocturnal by nature, and they also are very wary of interacting with humans. This means you may not actually see any rats, even if you have a major infestation. Instead, you may need to look for other signs, such as: 

  • Chewing damage in or around your home

  • Rodent droppings

  • Scurrying sounds in walls or ceilings

  • Stolen or missing pantry items

  • Damaged food packaging

  • Dead rats 

If you see one or more of these signs, your rat prevention efforts have likely failed. If this is the case, don't hesitate. Call our experts today. We can help you eliminate stubborn and dangerous rat infestations while working to ensure that your property is protected and you are not exposed to any rat-borne diseases.