Mastering Wildlife Control: A Guide To Raccoon Management In Cumming

raccoons walking on a street

Mastering Wildlife Control: A Guide To Raccoon Management In Cumming

Raccoons are mischievous wildlife creatures that can sneak into your home or onto your property and cause a lot of damage and other problems. These stealthy creatures play an important ecological role when they are out in nature. However, they can be extremely problematic once they venture into residential areas. 

Raccoons might look cute and innocent, but looks can be deceiving. These wild animals can be aggressive if you get too close to them. They can also cause extensive damage to your home, leading to costly repairs. At BigHeart Wildlife Removal, your safety is our top priority. We specialize in raccoon removal in Cumming and can help you keep these menacing pests off of your property. 

Detecting Raccoon Presence: Signs Of Raccoon Activity

Raccoons have a distinctive appearance. They have stocky bodies typically covered in a mixture of light and dark gray fur. They generally have dark-colored rings around their long, bushy tails, and they get the nickname “bandit” because many of them have dark-colored fur around their eyes that resemble a mask. 

While they are easy to identify, raccoons are nocturnal mammals that usually won’t get out of bed until the sun has completely set. Because it is difficult to see these sneaky creatures in the dark, our raccoon exterminators near you will look for these signs to determine if raccoons have invaded your property:

  • Knocked over trash cans and shredded garbage
  • Raccoon droppings
  • Holes in the soil and around gardens

Raccoons have five toes on their heads, resembling small human hands. If you see these prints anywhere around your home, you should have your property inspected by a raccoon pest control expert.  

Can Raccoons Be Dangerous?

Raccoons can pose several risks to you and your pets. Raccoons can carry and spread a variety of diseases, including rabies. While they can be aggressive towards anyone who gets too close to them, pests are usually more at risk of getting attacked as they are more likely to chase and try to catch the raccoon. If you see a raccoon, it is vital that you stay as far away from it as possible and immediately call a raccoon removal service.  

They are also extremely destructive. In addition to knocking over your trash cans to look for food, raccoons will use their sharp teeth and hand-like paws to rip and chew their way through your home or outdoor structure when looking for a warm and safe place to sleep. 

The Best Way To Deter Raccoons On Your Property

Even though raccoons are becoming more common in residential areas, they don’t like being around humans. They prefer to live out in the wild but will come to your home if they are having difficulty finding food and shelter in their natural habitat. One of the best ways to keep raccoons away from your home is to ensure there are no easily accessible food sources around your home. Keep a tight, locking lid on your trash cans, and don’t leave your pet’s food dishes outside. 

You should also seal any openings around your home to prevent them from coming inside. If you need help identifying potential attractants around your home, have a raccoon pest control expert inspect your property. 

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Raccoons have the potential to spread rabies and other dangerous diseases. If you see these mischievous animals around your home, call our pros at BigHeart Wildlife Removal today. We offer safe and humane wildlife removal services in Cumming.

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