Bird Identification & Prevention

What are birds?

Birds are commonly seen around our homes and businesses, and they are frequently encountered in public. However, birds may become a pest problem when they invade the interior of your property or if they hang around exterior areas in large numbers. In our area, swallows are one of the biggest pest bird species that residents and business owners encounter.

Signs of a bird problem starting on your property include an increase in bird droppings, bird sightings, and damage caused by nesting activities. Professional bird control is the best way to deal with pest birds on your property.

a pest bird

Are birds dangerous?

While most birds aren’t dangerous at a distance, infestations of birds on your property can cause major issues. Bird droppings spread around your property increase your risk of serious illness, and birds are known to carry dangerous diseases such as salmonella and histoplasmosis. Droppings around interior and exterior areas may also cause costly damage to your items.

Additionally, birds often carry fleas, ticks, and mites on their bodies, and the longer they stay on your property, the greater the risk of these parasitic pests dropping off and becoming an infestation of their own. Birds may also scratch if their nesting areas around your home are disturbed, something that presents health and safety issues.

Why do I have a bird problem?

Bird problems are typically caused by these critters finding your property hospitable. Easy food access, trees to nest in, puddles of water or moisture issues, and gaps that allow birds into attic or roof areas all encourage birds to settle around your property. Bird control services provided by BigHeart Wildlife Removal are essential for finding the root causes of an infestation and defeating a bird problem.

Where will I find birds?

Birds are often found nesting in high-up or secluded areas. They may be seen on roofs, in attics, high up in trees, and around decks or patios. Sometimes, birds may infiltrate garages or the space between walls and nest in these areas. It’s important you contact wildlife control experts near you to remove birds from your property so you aren’t exposed to the dangers these pests bring.

How do I get rid of birds?

Skip the DIY bird control methods and contact BigHeart Wildlife Removal today for bird removal you can count on. Our team will inspect your property to determine your bird control needs and develop treatment and exclusion plans that take care of your problem in the long term. We also offer sanitation and odor services to help remove all traces of bird droppings on your property.

Contact BigHeart Wildlife Removal today to learn about our bird control solutions or to request a free inspection.

How can I prevent birds in the future?

Prevent bird problems in the future by following these helpful tips to keep birds at bay:

  • Install bird spikes on areas where birds might be prone to nesting to help deter these critters from settling on your property.

  • Cut back trees that hang over your roof and trim foliage to make it less hospitable for bird nests.

  • Remove bird food and address pest prey infestations that might be encouraging hungry birds to flock to your property.

  • Utilize mesh screens or other coverings to keep birds out of vented areas around attics and garages.

  • Place plastic bird predator decoys, such as owl figures, outdoors and move them around every few days to scare birds from your property.

If you suspect a bird problem is already taking place on your property, or if you want more advice about bird control, contact BigHeart Wildlife Removal today.

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