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Effective Ways To Keep Snakes Away From Your Cumming Yard

snake on the rocks

Researchers estimate that more than 3,000 types of snakes exist worldwide. According to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Georgia is home to roughly 50 different kinds of snakes. As reptiles, snakes are cold-blooded creatures that rely on external factors to regulate their body temperature. In some instances, homeowners in Cumming will notice types of unwanted snakes on their property.

Who provides high-quality wildlife pest control near me? Our team of skilled technicians with BigHeart Wildlife Removal will assist homeowners enduring problems with snakes and similar types of wildlife. As a properly licensed Cumming wildlife control company, we operate according to the local laws and comply with the best practices and standards for those who conduct business in residential wildlife control.

About The Life Cycle And Hibernation Patterns Of Common Snakes

Some of the most common types of snakes homeowners in this region will encounter include the “common” water snake, the banded or southern water snake, the brown or city snake, and the common garter or garden snake. The majority of these names are nonvenomous species that can bite humans yet, pose only mild to moderate health risks.

Most of these snakes measure between 10 and 48 inches and generally prefer residential settings near water, such as ponds, streams, or lakes. These snakes often hide in underground burrows or below piles of leaves or overgrown vegetation.

The Potential Dangers Of Snakes In Your Yard

What are the most dangerous types of snakes found in this region? Approximately six of the snakes found in Georgia are considered poisonous. These types include copperheads, pigmy rattlesnakes, timber rattlesnakes, cottonmouths, eastern diamond rattlesnakes, and eastern coral snakes.

Fortunately, the majority of snakes in Cumming that homeowners will encounter are nonvenomous; however, many can deliver a painful bite.

Why should those who encounter snakes consider contacting a residential wildlife control specialist? Snakes may be dangerous creatures; therefore, having top-quality and affordable wildlife control services is critical.

Five Natural Ways To Deter Snakes From Your Yard

What are some of the recommended measures that Cumming homeowners should contemplate for deterring the presence of snakes? Consider these five strategies:

  1. Remove unnecessary clutter that might serve as hiding places, such as woodpiles or gardening tools and equipment.
  2. Keep the grass cut short, shrubs trimmed, and weeds pulled.
  3. Avoid attracting rodents by keeping trash bags in sealed garbage receptacles and removing bird feeders.
  4. Never place pet food bowls on patios or decks, as they may attract creatures that snakes will prey on. 
  5. Fill in any ground holes and seal any openings around decks or porches.

These tips represent helpful deterrents that local property owners should consider adopting; however, those facing active problems with unwanted creatures should speak with a trained provider of wildlife control services. Well-qualified wildlife control specialists also understand the importance of operating safely, which involves protecting you and your loved ones.

The Safe And Effective Way To Get Rid Of Snakes

Are you looking for an experienced provider of home wildlife control services in the Cumming region? BigHeart Wildlife Removal is an established wildlife control company that understands how to efficiently solve problems for homeowners in this region struggling with snakes and similar types of troublesome wildlife.

As a truly full-service operation, BigHeart Wildlife Removal provides both residential and commercial wildlife solutions for those in Cumming. Other specialized offerings include dead animal removal, odor control, wildlife exclusion, and remediation services. Property owners appreciate how our company provides customized services performed once or as part of a year-round, ongoing residential protection plan.

Contact our office today for further details.

I had a raccoon that invaded a space above my garage. This service responded quickly to my call and came out to inspect. After the raccoon escaped through a vent, they set more traps and after a period of time, cleaned and repaired the vent. They also cleaned the raccoon’s mess in the attic area. Thank you for a great job!