Snake Identification & Prevention

What are snakes?

Snakes are wildlife that gives homeowners big "icks" when they find their way onto their properties. These legless reptiles are valuable predators helping control rodent populations and other critters. With more than 3,000 species of snakes living worldwide, these pests can call almost any habitat home, including deserts, woodlands, marshes, swamps, fields, and the urban and suburban areas we call home. 

Georgia provides a warm, hot climate that allows these pests to thrive and be active throughout most of the year. Snakes and other reptiles are cold-blooded. This means they cannot control their body temperature causing their body temperature to vary with the outside temperature. During periods of colder temperatures, snakes cannot digest food and are inactive. When temperatures are warm, they are active, hunting, breeding, and feeding. 

For wildlife control in Cumming to eliminate unwanted snakes and prevent them from returning, partner with us at BigHeart Wildlife Removal.

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Are snakes dangerous?

Most snakes, while unwelcome near people, aren't necessarily dangerous. They want nothing to do with people and are taking advantage of food sources on our properties. However, avoiding contact with snakes is always best, as the bites they deliver as a means of defense are painful. 

Unfortunately, Georgia is home to several species of dangerous snakes; these snakes have venom potent enough to harm people if a bite were to occur. If you are ever uncertain of the type of snake that has bitten you, never hesitate to seek immediate medical attention. For the accurate identification of the snakes you spot on your property, always contact a professional for snake control and identification services.

Why do I have a snake problem?

Typically, properties with large numbers of prey are most attractive to snakes. If your yard has bird feeders, trash cans, gardens, and fruit trees, it will attract the attention of rodents, and those rodents, in turn, attract prey animals like snakes. 

Tall grass, dense vegetation, and yard clutter provide snakes with places to hide and nest. In addition, things like leaky air-conditioners, hoses, and areas of standing water provide them with valuable water sources. 

If you are currently dealing with a snake problem, search no longer for "snake control near me." Instead, contact BigHeart Wildlife Removal.

Where will I find snakes?

Outside in our yards, you can run into snakes around woodpiles, flower beds, and gardens, under decks and shrubbery, and slithering through the grass. 

You are most likely to spot a snake on warm, sunny days. In the middle of the day, when temperatures are warmest, snakes emerge from their hiding spots and layout in the open. When snakes are sunning themselves, they are trying to warm up their body temperature. On warm days it is common to see snakes lying in the middle of walkways, driveways, and patios. 

Though snakes are typically outdoor pests, they can get into Cumming homes or outbuildings like sheds or garages. They usually move inside, following prey or seeking shelter. Our homes provide them with warmth during the winter and areas to cool down in the summer.

Frequently used entry points include holes along the roof line, gaps in the foundation, spaces under doors, vents, and openings around utilities. Contact us today for fast, efficient snake removal to get rid of the snakes that have found their way into your home.

How do I get rid of snakes?

Nobody wants snakes to become comfortable in their yard. The best way to remove and deter future problems with these reptiles is to partner with the local and experienced wildlife control experts at BigHeart Wildlife Removal. 

Our professionals know the snakes common in our region and how to find and remove them from properties. We will work with you to understand what is attracting snakes and help you make changes around your property to deter their activity. Please reach out today for more helpful information about how to control snakes and our wildlife control and remediation services.

How can I prevent snakes in the future?

Use the following tips to help prevent snakes from taking over your property and making you uncomfortable in your yard or home. 

  • Keep your grass cut short and remove vegetation from your home's perimeter.

  • Place wood piles up off the ground and away from the exterior walls.

  • Remove clutter from under decks or inside your home's crawl spaces.

  • Ensure any openings in your home's foundation, roofline, or exterior walls are sealed. 

  • Place mesh covers over vents leading into your home. 

  • Seal gaps around wires, cables, and other utilities entering your home.

  • Install door sweeps on all exterior doors.

  • Implement regular pest and wildlife control services to keep rodents and other potential prey from providing snakes with a food source. 

Call today for more information about our wildlife control services and how we can solve and prevent snake issues in and around your home.

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