Rat Identification & Prevention

What are rats?

The two different kinds of rats that are most likely to find their way to properties in Cumming, Georgia, are the Norwegian rat and the roof rat. They are two very different species of rat, but they are both troublesome when they find their way into your home. 

Roof rats are the smaller of the two species. As their name tells us, these rats are not afraid of heights. They are skilled climbers and prefer to enter buildings at the roof level. They have a slim build and are covered in dark, well-kept fur. Their smaller size sometimes causes young roof rats to be confused with adult mice, which is why partnering with a professional to identify the rodents on your property is essential! 

Norwegian rats are a larger species of rat; they have a heavy body and prefer to stay at ground level. An interesting fact about these rats is that they are excellent swimmers. They are also exceptional diggers and create extensive burrows. Their bodies are covered in bristly brown fur with black hair peppered throughout.

a big rat

Are rats dangerous?

Rats pose many dangers to people and property. These animals carry disease and spread parasites and disease-causing pathogens that make people ill. They will feast on and destroy gardens and fruit trees and contaminate your family’s stored food and surfaces. These pests have even been known to cause fires by chewing through wires. Other structural damage they cause with their sharp front incisors includes chewing through drywall, flooring, trim, and cabinets. 

Rats are wild animals; if they are cornered or feel threatened, they can retaliate by biting or scratching. When you notice a potential rodent problem on your property, immediately seek local rat control services.

Why do I have a rat problem?

Roof rats and Norwegian rats become a problem on Cumming area properties because our yards and homes provide them with the things they need to thrive. Our properties offer safe shelter that helps rats successfully raise their young. Things like trash cans, compost bins, pet food, bird feeders, gardens, and fruit trees provide hungry rats with plentiful food sources. Water is readily available to help them quench their thirst from clogged gutters, dripping outdoor fixtures, and leaky hoses.

Where will I find rats?

Where rats prefer to spend their time depends on their species. However, most species of rats can live anywhere people live. They are successful in urban, suburban, and rural areas. A rat infestation can occur anywhere they have access to resources that meet their basic needs. 

Roof rats are generally found nesting and hiding in trees, tall shrubs, vines, and the roofs of homes and other buildings. Inside houses, roof rats may make themselves comfortable behind walls, on the tops of cabinets, and in attic spaces. 

Norwegian rats like to burrow under building foundations, rock or woodpiles, fallen trees, and brush piles. They move into our homes at ground level and nest in crawl spaces, wall voids, and basement clutter. Norwegian rats are also called sewer or wharf rats and often live outside near sewers, riverbanks, or wharves.

How do I get rid of rats?

Rats and other rodents are frustrating pests to prevent. They are agile, curious creatures, so keeping them away from your property and home is best done with the help of a professional. BigHeart Wildlife Removal has the experience and commitment to help you rid your Georgia property of unwanted rats. 

After contacting us, we will come to your property, identify the rats present and devise a plan of action. Our rat control service includes thorough inspections, treatment, and reservice visits. By working together, we can pinpoint rat activity, remove rats from your home, and make changes to stop them from returning. For more information about rat control in Cumming, don’t hesitate to give us a call today. 

How can I prevent rats in the future?

  • Use the following tips to prevent rats from easily accessing your home in the future:

    • Clear away clutter, construction materials, and overgrown shrubbery from your home’s exterior to reduce hiding spots near your home.

    • Use silicone caulk, steel wool, and other materials to repair holes in your home’s foundation.

    • Fill in spaces around wires and cables entering your home. 

    • Make sure door sweeps and weather-stripping are intact.

    • Make repairs to damaged roof shingles, roof intersections, and chimneys. 

    You no longer need to search for rat control near me; call BigHeart Wildlife Removal today.

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